Psycho Waluigi Mario 2.0
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Psycho Waluigi Mario 2.0

Free Psycho Waluigi Mario uses the power of eye to destroy everything
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Free   11.1 MB

Psycho Waluigi Mario is a fan-made game in which we get to play with Luigy's most feared enemy: Waluigi, the brother of Wario.
After opening the game, the main menu shows the available worlds and you can choose which one you'd like to play by pressing the Shift key. Anytime during the game you can choose the controls by pressing the "C" key - a dialog will popup in which you can configure the keys or the joystick buttons you'd like to play with.

In this game Waluigi has mind powers and you can control him using the floating purple cloud with the eye that floats on Waluigi's head. This floating eye is an extension of Waluigi's body, just like an arm. It's your primary weapon and a way to grab objects. You can even take enemies and use their weaponry.

By using the arrow keys you can move Waluigi and also move the power eye. Press the "X" key (or the key you configured with the controls menu) to activate the eye, it will grab anything that is on its range and by pressing the same key again it will throw it away. Grab solid blocks to destroy walls, or trap an enemy and use their powers as your personal weapon! That's one of the features of the power eye. When you're using an enemy as a weapon with the power eye, a bar in the top left corner will be shown with the remaining energy of the enemy; each time you use it the energy will decrease.

Another feature of Psycho Waluigi Mario is the game mode - you don't really die after getting hit, instead your coins will be decreased, when your coin count reaches zero you'll die. - This means you'll have more oportunities to stay alive, if you run out of coins just get more and you can continue playing.

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  • It's a free game
  • Very entertaining
  • Let's you choose joystick or keyboard control


  • Menu is very limited


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